Territorial energy concepts of regions and municipalities

We offer elaboration of a document identifying the conditions for energy efficiency in compliance with the economic and social development of the territory in question. Energy concept objectives and principles stem from the state energy and environment policy.

The energy concept contains the following elements:

  • analysis of the existing state - identification of the concerned territory, development trends determination, land-use plan and environmental protection requirements;
  • analysis of energy demand requirement trends - analysis of the territory, demographic and climatic conditions and consumer systems analysis;
  • analysis of possible ways and sources of energy treatment - fuel and energy availability,
  • assessment of renewable energy resources availability - analysis of renewable and secondary resources availability,
  • assessment of real energy savings potential - design and numerical evaluation of individual production, distribution and consumer systems economy measures;
  • design of territorial energy concept and environment impact - integrated resource planning and complex evaluation including risk analysis,
  • design of obligatory and directive energy concepts - the obligatory part containing the fuel use principles, power engineering corridors and protected zones.

The energy concept is designed in compliance with the provisions of Act No. 406/2000 Coll. on energy management for regions, towns and municipalities with a maximum effort to achieve energy savings at economic and environmental effectiveness of the recommended versions of energy system development.