Dynamic models

Precise dynamic models of heat flow and accumulation in the network allow accurate simulation of the heat networks and sophisticated control of the district heating system operation.

The MOP and DYMOS software systems include a calculation method for the transport of temperature changes in hot water networks enabling the efficient calculation of dynamic behavior even on the largest networks. This method allows take into account the transport delay between heat production and consumption and respect the previous heating of the network.

These dynamic models find their use in utilizing the natural storage capacity of heat networks and in combination with the neural model of heat consumption, they are able to partially take into account the accumulation in buildings and heated objects.

Dynamic models contains also the calculation of time development of pressure conditions in the network in the form of a continuously changing pressure diagram and a trajectory of the pump operating point within its working area.

The advantage of the dynamic modeling system in the DYMOS product is that it can be extended by a variety of follow-up optimization algorithms in areas such as power redistribution in the system, control of hydraulic conditions and operation pumps - all customer-specific.