Online systems

Connection to the measurement control system allows MOP and DYMOS products to accurately simulate and predict past, present and (with weather forecast and neural model of consumption) also future behavior of the district heating system.

ORTEP's Online technology features connection to a real-time measurement system. It allows user of DYMOS software (and using optional Online module also a user of MOP software) to display measured values along with the model inputs and outputs. It also enables users also to operate in a prediction and analytical modes.

The prediction mode serves for the system behaviour prediction in near future, while the analytical mode serves for the analysis of past operational situations. The simulation mode provides for modeling of any historical or future operational version.

Prediction mode

This mode allows to model and to plan future operation states of the DHS based on past measurement data with connection of forecast data. Past measurement data are used (in conjunction with dynamic network model) to model exact system state at the moment. Using wether forecast and ORTEP's neural model of heat consumption software can predict future DHS operation including heat and electricity production and subsequent (even user-defined) calculated values.

Prediction mode allows predictions to be updated after some time. The result is a prediction shifted for the current moment, but with respect to the previous operation setting.

Analytical mode

This mode makes it easy to use measured historical operating values from a measurement database to model the former system state at a specified interval. In addition to measured values it works with the values calculated using the DHS model.